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Jennifer / Esthetician / Owner / Fitness & Health Enthusiast

Jennifer has been involved in the pharmaceutical and esthetics fields since 1998. She started in pharmaceutical sales and progressed to pharmaceutical marketing with a focus in skin care and dermatology. She has a strong understanding of products and ingredients as well as the mechanism of action of products pertaining to skin care.

Prior to that, she worked in the corporate world as a Buyer and Marketing Executive for Federated Corporation & American Eagle. She attended Montclair State University, graduating in 1996 with BA in Communications.

While working in pharmaceutical marketing, she serviced many dermatology accounts, traveled the US and Overseas, attending Dermatology trade shows, conventions and advisory board meetings. She also worked on many clinical trials & experience trials for skin care products. While working with the top Dermatologists and thought leaders from across the world, she learned a wealth of information about the skin.

Since 2003, Jennifer has worked closely with top NJ facial plastic surgeons performing medical peels and facials as well as pre- and post-op patient care. She has had training in pre and post care for many surgical facial procedures and extensive training in laser treatments, peels and other resurfacing and semi ablative treatments.

In addition to being the owner of Fusion, Jennifer has served as the Aesthetic Director & Trainer for Amato Center for Facial Surgery. Dr. John Amato runs the Amato Center. She has also worked closely with Dr. Ramtin Kassir of Mona Lisa Surgical Center assisting him in mini lifts and non-surgical face lifts as well as more aggressive laser facial treatments and Fraxel Laser Treatments. She has also worked with Dr. Eric Joseph, who specializes in using silicon 1000 for permanent natural looking results.

Jennifer likes to discuss with her clients her knowledge of the skin as well as over the counter and prescription products combined with clinical treatments to give them the best results in the quickest & safest manner.

In addition to offering the latest treatments, technology, and products at Fusion, Jennifer has Dr. Isaac Victor serving as Medical Director of Fusion to offer clients' non-surgical alternatives to looking and feeling their best.

Dana / Esthetician / Manager

With over 11 years of experience in all aspects of the skin care field, Dana Fuchs joined Fusion as general spa manager and esthetician. She was a young graduate of Christine Valmy in Pinebrook, NJ and is continuing to educate herself in order to provide the most effective, up to date treatments possible. It is Dana's mission to customize and produce measurable results for each client, every visit, as well as to educate clients on the benefits of proper skincare. In addition, as spa manager, she is responsible for overseeing daily operations, coordinating events and overall spa development. Dana also received a degree in business administration in order to advance educationally in the business aspect of the spa industry.

Ingrid / Massage Therapist

Ingrid is our Full-Time Massage Therapist who graduated from the Therapeutic School of Massage, in Chatham, 1991. There, she studied Massage Therapy and advanced anatomy courses. In addition to graduating, she has continued her education by taking ongoing classes in Body Treatments and Hot Stone Therapy. Ingrid considers herself to have a strong, yet gentle, healing touch. She is extremely passionate about what she does and enjoys making a difference in her clients life, appearance and overall well-being. Ingrid leaves each client feeling physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally well after each and every visit.

Karen / Front Desk Support

Susan / Front Desk Support

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